• Electronic Shelf Labels

    A strategic weapon for retailers, Electronic Shelf Labels (ESLs).

  • Scanning and Payment

    Self Checkout System with speed checkout, optimized floor space and security

  • Datalogic Jade X7

    Revolutionary automated scanner with advanced imaging technology

  • VisualStore Suite

    Deliver better service and better access to information

  • TCx Gravity

    Represents a new class of point-of-commerce solution

  • Supermarket Application

    Powerful software solution to increase efficiency at the point of sale

  • Store Integrator

    Deliver a consistent view of your store at every touch point

  • Data Integration Facility

    Designed to help unlock point-of-sale (POS) information

  • SUSE Linux Enterprise POS 11

    Reliable, secure, and robust platform optimized for retail.

  • 4690 Operating System

    The premier point-of-sale platform for the world’s largest retailers

  • Remote Management Agent

    Streamline operations with remote management across the enterprise

  • T10

    A complete retail POS solution in a small package

  • TCX 800

    Robust performance and reliability